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St Lucians, are you tuned in to what is happening around you? Kenny D. Anthony’s political friends are falling like nine pins. The next one to be kicked out by his people? Mr. Ma of Taiwan. That’s right, Kenny’s bosom buddy and contemporary, both lawyers, really hit it off, playing up to each other’s ego. But Mr Ma is going down come Saturday. The people are kicking him out, that’s why Kenny was rushing to set up shop in Taiwan before his departure, just as he is making a desperate attempt to set up all kinds of things to try and save himself over here.

Ma was not listening to his people. He wanted to take them closer to the left, to China, and they did not want that, so out he goes on Saturday.

It was Kenny’s pal and benefactor, Venezuela’s Maduro last month who got his plock, and it’s Ma this month. What month will be Kenny’s to get what is coming to him, we wonder. Keep up with the news, people. It is on our side, and it is helping us to do what we know we have to do for our beloved St Lucia this year.

And where is our Prime Minister at this moment? Who knows? Wherever he is, we know that he’s been in England with his favourite advocate where they are spending a whole lot of taxpayers’ money once again trying to repair the latest damage in a string of misdeeds done by the increasingly pompous, suspect, dictatorial and hugely embarrassing Prime Minister of St Lucia, Kenny Davis Anthony. Expensive mistake after expensive mistake, while his pal, gets richer and richer at our country’s expense. Poor, poor St Lucia! Are you awake or are you sleeping, Looshans? Gird your loins and get ready to rumble this year. Clearly, it has become a matter of survival for us.


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