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Never Before

I have never before been excited by politics. I pay my taxes, mind my business and do my best to serve my God and my country. But so far I have never known such a strong senior delegation from France, Britain and the European Community (EU), to visit Saint Lucia to speak to the leader of this small island.

First the Americans refused to help us train our police force. Then local businesses cannot pay because of excess VAT. Now the Europeans who gave us a brand new hospital which we seem incapable of completing and opening after many promises are coming to put sense in the head of an ‘educated’ foolish man.

My question is when will the U.S. State Department, the F.B.I. and the I.R.S. visit? It would be good to watch what the feeble and weak kneed official opposition make of all this. The people of Saint Lucia wait patiently.

–Fair Play

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  1. fair play you sure minding your own business.
    for you to write such bull.
    you pen that the Europeans give us a brand new hospital?
    well continue to wright bull and mind your own business
    because you sure will end up at latock after the election.

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