Two Seek Top Job

WILL Errol Alexander continue to head the police force in the New Year?

Since Vernon Francois was sent on vacation leave in March of this year, and subsequently took early retirement thereby making the position vacant, there has been much talk about who the next police commissioner will be.

Alexander has been acting in that position from the time Francois went on leave.

Two months ago the position was advertised resulting in a short list of just two applicants, Alexander and Vern Guard, now the Director at the Bordelais Correctional Facility in Dennery.

The men were interviewed last week an indication that the search for a new commissioner may soon be over.

Alexander, since taking over as acting commissioner, has had a testing time marshalling the resources of the police force to keep a business-like face to the public following certain revelations by the Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony emanating from the IMPACS report.

Cleansing the Police Force following the allegations made about some of its members has not been easy, yet Alexander says he is satisfied with what he has managed to accomplish towards that end.

“I have worked assiduously to cleanse the organization and put persons in the right positions. Now the SSU (Special Service Unit) is cleansed and there are new persons. We run the SSU basic course in September and we were able to put new persons in there. The ones that were there before are now at police stations. A lot has happened. Alexander said.

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