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Socialism In Decline


Within the last nine months, socialist governments have witnessed a  lack of confidence in their respective administrations resulting in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela and on December 13, Martinique, all moving away from the status quo.

This all takes place as Cuba continues to serge forward in their association with the U.S where capitalism is moving forward by leaps and bounds. The details of the Martinique elections are significant, as the Lefti’s Party headed by Serge Letchimy  of the French AssembleeNationale has been ousted by Yan Monplaisir and       Alfred Marie Jeanne to form an alliance in the run off last weekend

This puts to rest, a socialist regime which saw Martinique faltering while Guadeloupe moved forward with a different philosophy.  Letchimy who is a close friend of Dr. Kenny  Anthony appeared to have handled the economy in a similar fashion and the economic results resulted in a stagnant economy, business closures and unemployment which haunted the nation.

With total arrogance on the part of Letchimy, he has now refused to serve in the Martinique parliament with the opposition with  views similar to those  of Dr Anthony when he lost the 2006 General election.  Letchimy has branded Martiniquans as a bunch of deceitful persons.

Politicians need to understand that they are the servants of the people and once the conditions of their promises are not achieved, they must graciously exit or face the consequences of humiliation.  Letchimy like most practising partisan politicians took care of only his supporters and ignored the rest of the population not realising that both parties represent approximately 50% of the population and the 10% of independents are responsible for delivering the fatal blow.

In respect of Venezuela, Mr. Maduro will be facing some tough times as the opposition dig in to make significant changes including a revision of the constitution which Hugo Chavez introduced at the height of his popularity. A host of countries who benefitted from Venezuela’s largesse may very well find themselves wanting as the new group of business congressmen take the necessary steps to stop the bleeding and faltering of the nation’s economy.

(By. Michael Chastanet)


  1. Gros Chas’ primary school rant against socialism is a laughable attempt to reprise his petty king-maker status in the little pond of St. Lucia, with one small difference – this time with the malodorous smell of nepotism!

  2. Your closing line alludes to your support of DONALD TRUMP who builds residences only for the rich and famous- casinos for suckers.
    The rich do not believe in heaven and view Marxism’s attack of the papal bankroll as akin to robbing the Rothchild Central banking system.
    A Cuban cigar and Flask of Hennesey in tribute to the masters of Animal Farm!!

  3. Sparkle sparkle
    for the old goat
    measure at leisure
    the financial breadth & depth
    of his castle moat
    Well endowed to purchase
    a significant slice of Helen’s political process
    with an international bank called CHASE
    Although junior cabrit prefers his largesse
    spent, hobnobbing with the ritzy set
    the jet-set
    of Biscayne Bay
    The best lay
    -over, for quick honey
    for a rich goat who is horney

  4. Gros Chas I hope you also tell your delinquent son that “politicians need to understand that they are the servants of the people” and that they need to respect the people’s Constitution, by depositing Taiwanese donations into the Consolidated Fund, instead of into their pockets and manufactured special accounts.

  5. Your analysis and conclusion of the voting out of office of some socialist parties is so simplistic and reductive it boggles the mind on one hand. Yet on the other I have to admit that this is your natural position on politico-economic issues as a businessman.

    Your type only have one thing in mind and that is to make money. It matters precious little you how damage you cause in the process as long as you prosper. You pay very little attention to the inherent created and reinforced inequalities engendered by your actions as a businessman. Your blindness don’t end there. You fail to see the mass of Pavlov dogs that you depend on for your model to work. Invariably when things go wrong these are the first and often only ones to carry the burden while those actually involved in the decision making go scot’s free. How many went down for the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? How many were taken to account over the demise of Northern Rock and all the other Banks that needed saving in England? And who bailed them out? Tax payers. The government took them over, recapitalised them and when they stabilised sold them back to their shareholders at a Loss.

    You have to be careful in your blanket rejection of socialism and embrace of capitalism. I will pick just one of the countries you mentioned in your article to comment on. At what stage of its history did Argentina defaulted? Wasn’t it just after a massive privatisation initiative? If the capitalist model is so superior why did Argentina defaulted? You see, Gros Chas, the defeat of these socialist governments have a more complicated explanation than the one you offer which a man of your experience undoubtedly know. I therefore conclude your article is propaganda and a pitch for Golden Balls’s UWP.

  6. you and your son will never see true-Lucians bending down to kiss your oppressing assssss again.
    you think you can fool all the working-class all the time you better think again.
    wright all bull about others. but you must also include your unlearned, lying,-braggart, unimpressive ,lazy and unfit to hold any governmental office son.of yours.
    you an oppressor..

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