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Critical Thinking Needed Here

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

I HEAR it everywhere. Lo and behold, from the foul mouths of politicians. “Saint Lucians are not as gullible as before.” Meanwhile, the pied piper is piping, “I am red and ready.” Oh, how I wish that was, “I am read and ready”. But as the saying goes, “If you want to hide anything from a black man, put it in a book.” Many of us are graduates from “the university of the people” and have our degrees in roro and rumbustiousness but we are ready for change.

Can’t help but recall a pair of motifs, cartoon designs, that asked: Do you want change? All hands go up. The other which asked: Are you willing to change? No hands go up.

Many are under the delusion that because a person is successful at business then he will make a good prime minister. After all the Chastanet family, apart from government, employs the largest number of Saint Lucians. In fact sipsyon has it that if the Chastanet don’t pay into the treasury then the government has cash flow issues. In fact I have heard that they have often had to bailout government. If that is the case why are we blind to the injury (understatement) that the mix of economic and political power can cause for Saint Lucia. We’ve been through it already. We called it slavery.

Then a man, that same man promises us that Saint Lucia will be such a good place that the Americans will desire to live here and we will not need a visa to go to the USA or Canada. Mate must be another white Jesus. Are we that gullible Saint Lucians?

In this elections Saint Lucians must put on their thinking caps, all the people that the Education Minister claims we sent to schools and are so learned. I hope that they are learned enough not to believe that Mr. Joseph’s days are numbered because there were more spoilt votes in his constituency than the margin of votes by which he won. And can Saint Lucians pick out the mischievousness of a Prime Minister who throws sud into launder by asking the media to ask Mr. Joseph if he offered the then Prime Minister $2.8 million for the airport development project? If there is a claim of bribery do the right thing, finish the laundry and take the evidence to the courts.

Wake up Saint Lucia! I remember having a discussion with a party supporter on the dangers of excess governmental borrowing. She excused her SLP government but reasoning. How are they going to pay us if he (the Prime Minister) does not borrow money? Certainly this supporter has no appreciation for the concept of an adverse debt to GDP ratio. Saint Lucia will only rise when we have a band of critical and divergent thinkers not a mass of people who will call me a mad man when I say to them, “The next time you vote, don’t vote colour. Vote for the future of your children and for changing the direction of this our blessed country.”


  1. /
    This is a call and an appeal to human Reason, a magnanimous gesture on your part, but from where I sit you are spitting into the wind. You must understand that what your observations are symptom of the disease, caused by the destruction of the ability to think and apply that most important gift given us by our Creator, REASON. It is by the use of Reason we fly or sink, and the ability to utilize this precious commodity is destroyed in infancy by the dichotomous doctrine of:


    Nowhere in the Universe is this Inequality true, but when I questioned the pervert-priests at R.C. Boys, I was told unequivocally that my logic was misaligned and needed correcting, and after that “Dr. Frankenstein’s” correction I remained crippled like most non-thinking Lucians sedated by this demonic doctrine of White Supremacy, Rick John Wayne on steroids, and Peter Josie being obvious specimens.

    Then comes the day God was born, because this bogus God had to become a white man to save the world from Satan, but I’m thinking, why you(Fake God) could not keep your ass where you were and do your thing ? This has turned out to be a monumental flop, as the World plummets into Hell with Endless Wars, same sex marriage, and Global Warming, and you killed yourself for this SH*T on Good Friday ?

    Kensley, do you see what you are confronted with to “WAKE UP” these zombies ? This will explain some of the obstacles that must be overcome before Lucians can be resurrected from the dead.




  2. Dangerous December is upon us:
    The profound commercialism that is a perfect excuse for:
    -Most vehicular accidents
    -Aggravated depression from pressure to plunge into the mass frenzy of material splurging and wanton excess
    – Extreme binge BOOZING and maintenance of high levels of intoxication!!!
    Poor Peter Judas Josie his writing must go into HIBERNATION. The cobwebs in his cranium loom larger than life as they are vaporized by alcohol fumes- like ferns in a splendid tropical rainforest 🙂
    NB his mot recent writing was a paragraph-or so, quixotic joust at his superior nemesis.
    Pete ole boy, just say the word and your old watering holes (e.g., Club Pigalle, Sapphire Club, Blue Danube etc.) shall activate an open ended drinking tab- courtesy of your delirious THIRST!!
    Did I hear you say “bottoms up”?
    There you have it Monsieur Kingsley , Exhibit A; Why December –
    (from now to Jan. 3 or so)
    provides the greatest drought of REASONING facility for the collective cognitive processing abilities of this “simply beautiful” land.

    1. Isn’t it strange, that the treacherous one is named “PETER” Judas ? What is enigmatic about the duplicitous one’s name causing me to search for answers light-years around the Milky Way is how did the White God find a man named PETER in Palestine ? Now this White God also found a guy named Luke, John, Mark, and Mathew ?




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