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Where To Search For Employment

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Sharlene Cassius

JOB hunting can be a frustrating process, especially within a country faced with significantly high levels of unemployment. As such, it pays to be adequately informed about the avenues to explore in order to gain employment. This article will explore some of these possibilities.

Social Media
Don’t ever underestimate the power of social networking sites as a tool for job hunting. Though sites such as Linkin may seem like more preferred online platforms for job hunting or self-promotion globally, you may be surprised to learn that other social networking sites are now being used by hiring managers to post new employment opportunities. Facebook, hello! If you’ve ever heard of 758 Vacancies, a locally managed Facebook page that publishes local jobs, you probably understand that what used to be a platform for your online leisure, entertainment and social networking can now be used to land yourself a new job. Nothing beats free access to job opportunities at your fingertips.

Online Job Platforms
There are also a number of online forums for finding jobs. These are usually free for job seekers to access and offer the advantage of ease in the application process. While many popular job forums such as Indeed and Monster may offer limited opportunities for Caribbean job seekers, other forums cater to the local and Caribbean job seekers. These include caribbeanjobs.com and nicejobs.govt.lc., a government run site which provides employment information for job seekers. These avenues are certainly not limited to the aforementioned sites. These days, job seekers who hope to show off their skills to gain employment, can also tap into the Caribbean freelance and part-time job market through online forums. While some companies include a vacancy page on their company sites, there is a world of opportunity online for your exploration.

Your Local Paper
In today’s highly technological society, where information is freely accessible online, it’s easy to overlook the age old methods which are still being used for job hunting. Newspapers, such as the 130 year old The VOICE, are still widely distributed, and as such, companies are still taking advantage of their extensive distribution, and so should you, the job hunter. Look for local opportunities in every issue of your paper, notably in the classifieds section. You may just discover your dream job.

Friends, Family & Acquaintances
While you’re sending off numerous cover letters and resume’s courting potential employers and looking in the usual places to find employment, bear in mind that everyone you interact with may offer a potential opportunity or lead that may put you on the path to finding a new job. Newsflash: most people won’t volunteer information about an opportunity if you don’t ask. Even if they would like to give you a lead, they won’t until you let them know you’re looking. If you’re serious about your job search, aside from asking family and friends, don’t be shy about including your current status as a job seeker in casual conversations with acquaintances and strangers, like that nice, chatty stranger you met on the bus or on the long line at the bank.

Not sure how to slip that in? Have you ever been asked about the kind of work you do by a complete stranger trying to make small talk? That’s not uncommon, right? One way is to inform them that you’re unemployed but actively seeking work. Before you know it, that random person you met may just inform you about a new post that his/her company is looking to fill. Congratulations! You’ve just received inside information about an unadvertised job that may be just right for you. It’s just that simple.

The Desired Employer
It is common practice for job seekers to create unsolicited mass resumes and cover letters that are often distributed to a number of companies through the postal service. Everyone is doing it, so how do you stand out? Granted, many employers would probably rather not have job seekers rushing to their doors to solicit employment, but you won’t let that stop you, will you? Firstly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with writing an unsolicited cover letter. Some confidence, an exceptional resume and cover letter moulded to fit the type of job you want, and an irresistible elevator pitch designed for an appropriate manager at the company you hope to work for can go a long way- once you have the wit and bravado to get past the secretary, don’t wait for an interview. Go right to the source even though your presence is unsolicited. You might be happy you did.

The world is quickly evolving and as it changes, so do the methods of getting ahead. Stay open to the numerous methods of advancing in your career and good luck with your new job.

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  1. Peter F. Drucker, the guru of gurus said this and I quote:

    ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’.

    First, you join a MOOC. Second, master a field or area that blends well with your personality. Third, create and grow a livelihood out of it that, such that it will bring you a sustainable income, perhaps over your lifetime. Fourth, it must be something that people will want to pay for or buy. Now watch for changes in the demographics, technology and purchasing power and the preferences of those who ‘buy’ whatever you ‘sell’.

    Be your own boss.

    Unfortunately, ‘being your own boss’ is not a very distinct and very much appreciated, nor treasured characteristic of past, and not surprisingly, present-day Saint Lucians.

    Be prepared to die for what, or changes you that want, or else die a slave to what currently exists, or what you presently have.

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