Veterans On Display

Image of some local war veterans.
Image of some local war veterans.
Some local war veterans.

THE public is invited to an exhibition on St. Lucians and St. Lucia during World War Two, 1939-1945.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the war. St. Lucians volunteered and enlisted in the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy, the Merchant Navy and the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

The young men and women who volunteered and survived are now old, but their courage and generosity more than 70 years ago should be remembered and honoured.

Since the end of the World War One in 1918, November 11, the date on which the Armistice was signed, has been known as Remembrance Day, and a commemoration has been held on the Sunday nearest to that date. This year the official ceremony will be held on Sunday November 8 at the cenotaph on Derek Walcott Square, beginning at 9:00 a.m. This will be followed by the laying of wreaths at the memorial George V Park to honour the French volunteers or “dissidents”, and at the Commonwealth War Graves at Choc Cemetery.

The exhibition will be open from Monday to Thursday November 12 at the Blue Coral Building on Bridge Street, Castries.

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  1. my father also serve during this time.

    part of a poem in honor of my hero.


    He did his best without a fuss, no money was at hand.
    When duty of country called for him to serve, he was the first to join the army
    with dignity and obligation to serve king and country.
    I was with him the day before he took his last stand;
    He said to me.Do not cry, take it like a man.
    I will be gone by the time you come to see me.
    At his grave the bugler played his commandind song.
    And so indeed. my father took his last stand at his post.

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