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Taiwan Will Strengthen St. Lucia Co-operation

CONCERNING the article “St. Lucia To Lose Major Taiwan Ally” on page 9 of “The VOICE” dated 13th October, 2015 and noting that “Saint Lucia stands to lose a major ally in Southeast Asia as Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou, prepares to make way for another leader following the end of his back to back four-year teams in office next year”. The Embassy would like to add a follow-up as follows:

“The Republic of (Taiwan) and Saint Lucia share the same universal values of democracy rule of law and love of peace. Our two countries have enjoyed close and cordial relations. Based on the Joint Communique signed by President Ma Ying-Jeou and His Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony in August 2013, the Republic of China (Taiwan) will continue to strengthen cooperation with Saint Lucia for the common interests of their people, and will keep its commitment as a solid ally for Saint Lucia in Asia.

The Republic of China (Taiwan) will have its presidential election in January 2016. As we look towards the future the fundamental guidance for the country shall always be the Constitution of the Republic of China. The government of the ROC will continue to work accordingly to improve its external and cross-strait relations. Building strong relations with our diplomatic allies is one of the most important pillars for sure.

– Louis Liou
First Secretary

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