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Spoilt Brats And Opportunists

Politics is an important part of our lives but the nature of politics leaves much to be desired. I pass these comments based on the political situation in St. Lucia prior to the 2016 general elections and more importantly those of us who may have watched the interrogation of Hilary Clinton, an aspirant of the US elections for 2016. In addressing the issues of both political parties, I first wish to focus on the SLP and its leader and thereafter Allen Chastanet of the UWP.

We all fool ourselves and talk about democracy, but do we really practise democracy? A seasoned politician like Dr. Kenny Anthony articulated on more than one occasion that the upcoming elections will be between the SLP and the Chastanets, but besides these unfortunate statements, Dr. Anthony has set the stage for major controversy for which he will pay a very high price at the polls.

Secondly, his direct and unfortunate confrontation with the Royal St. Lucia Police Force is another area which he has dramatically mishandled. Without elaborating further on these various faux pax, Dr Anthony has sealed the fate of the SLP.

On the other hand the UWP which has every opportunity of winning the upcoming elections has witnessed three spoilt opportunists unable to come to terms with a straightforward democratic process in existence for fifty 50 years. Stephenson King contested the position as leader of the UWP under his reign and lost overwhelmingly. Claudius Preville contested and lost overwhelmingly. On November 15, 2015 Sarah Flood-Beaubrun will contest for the leadership of the UWP. Hopefully in her case I sincerely trust that if she is unsuccessful, she will stick to her promise to work with whichever candidate who becomes successful and not fabricate fictitious excuses if her results are unfavourable.

In every case thus far, each candidate articulated that they would be willing to work with the chosen leader but on every occasion the losers have cried foul and continue to air their views on the media. Both King and Preville remain perfect examples of spoilt brats unwilling to face the realities of change. Allen Chastanet has remained silent on their unflattering comments but once November 15 2015 UWP convention is over, and if Chastanet becomes the nominated member, he needs to take a firm stand against the various opportunists who are unwilling to face the reality of politics.

Finally, Chastanet needs to demand an apology from Dr. Claudius Preville in respect to his unsavoury remarks on television failing which legal proceedings need to be instituted.

—- Clem Dumerville


  1. Clem can u please go back to the mental hospital.
    please !!!!!
    it have been a very long time that you and your co-dry-coconut-eater Allan stay at Latok and take your medication. Stop being a bloody kokot. tet-fou

  2. Clem wears victoria secrets for undees -he likes the feel of lycra/spandex/lace/satin on his prevees 🙂
    Any who, here is a location and sport that both Clem & Chaz are familiar with.
    Clem do you have garcon-homme, ancient Greek political aspirations (this is not about the yogurt type- but then again the effects of active dairy cultures may be related to your cross dressing ambitions, n’est pas) ?
    Do not forget to stock up on Preparation H, oui !

  3. The problem with Sarah is, since she was given opportunity and
    was raised to a height by which she could make greater political
    mileage later, chose instead to ride it out to the political Sunset
    and now, instead of returning humbly to help out with some ground
    work, help out the present leader, visit the Constituency offices and
    make yourself acquainted with the leaders, make friends, NO;
    I’m too big for that. I’m going straight to the top, straight to the
    JUGULAR like a wild Tiger, and leave it to my name to carry me.
    I did it with ONE, I can do it again. oh yeer??? we’ll see. Behind it all
    is that Puppet master we know so well, a few bucks here few bucks there.
    So far we have not yet seen the SEANCE witches on the ground. They’ll come.

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