Creole Workshop At Marchand Library

AS part of the celebrations to mark creole Heritage Month, the Marchand Library hosted a creole workshop on October 16. In keeping with the library’s duties to be an information resource to the people, this activity was centred on the educational aspect of the Kwéyòl language. Ms. Marilyn Hyacinth, information assistant at the National Television Network and member of the Folk Research Centre was the resource person for the workshop.

Form one students of the Entrepot Secondary School were participants of this activity. Students were also given an insight into the development of the Creole language and explained that it was created by enslaved Africans who wished to communicate with one other without the comprehension of their slave masters. During this interactive session, students were asked to voice their thoughts on the language. Some stated that while it was their desire to learn to speak the language, it was not taught to them by adults- who, more often than not, would use Kweyol in the home in private conversations among other adults

As the session continued, students were then taught to introduce themselves in Creole and how to read and sing the National Anthem of Saint Lucia in Creole. The alphabet was also taught, as well as various words and phrases.

At the end of the workshop, all participants expressed their appreciation for the initiative and found it to be very enlightening. Oliviann Weekes was pleased with the enthusiasm and interest of the students. She believes that such activities deserve more support of the community for the continued development of the Kwéyòl language and culture.

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