Attempted Murder

Police have laid charges against a 30 year old man for the attempted murder of a woman near the Vigie cemetery last week.

Dane Bissette appeared in the First District Court yesterday and was bailed in the sum of $5,000 to reappear in court on November 6.

He is accused of attempting to murder 24 year old McLana Bernard of Morne duDon last Friday. Bernard is said to have been stabbed multiple times in an attack and is listed in a critical condition at Victoria Hospital.

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  1. this killer is given five thousand dollars bail after his failed attempt to murder a black woman — if the woman was Caucasian the bail would be 5,000, 000 dollars, yes MILLION. What kind of a judge places such little value on the lives of Lucian women ?? absolutely sickening ! 5,000 Get-out-of-jail to finish the job and further terrorize the victim. The lives of our Black women are devalued by the mis-educated Negroes in this judicial comedy.

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