Opening of Law Year and the Closing of a Chapter

By Trudy O. Glasgow B.A., LL.B (Hons), BVC, LL.M, P.C.H.E
By Trudy O. Glasgow B.A., LL.B
(Hons), BVC, LL.M, P.C.H.E

ON THURSDAY, 17th September 2015, the OECS countries will simultaneously observe the opening of the law year for 2015-2016. Legal practitioners from throughout the OECS will be watching, as the Chief Justice of the OECS, Dame Janice Pereira makes her address via simulcast from Grenada.

The Bar Association of Saint Lucia will also observe law week in which a week of activities has been planned. The highlight of these activities in my view, is the presentation by former Chief Justice of the OECS, Sir Hugh Rawlins on Thursday, 17th September 2015 at the Bay Gardens Hotel at 7:00 p.m. Other activities include: a presentation by Magistrate His Honour ErminMoise on the Caribbean Court of Justice versus the Privy Council, and another by Speaker of the House Mr. Peter I. Foster, QC. There will also be a radio programme dedicated to answering listeners’ questions on legal topics with Mr. Andie George and Ms. Veronica Barnard, a television commentary by Mr. Alberton Richelieu and visits to schools to give presentations on areas of law by legal practitioners.

The writer has recently been advised by this newspaper that they wish to discontinue this column for economic reasons. So this is my final article in this medium for some time.

When I returned to Saint Lucia from England in March 2007, and I approached The VOICE with my idea to have a weekly column. The idea was embraced at the time and my first article was published 28th July 2007. Week after week, I have enjoyed writing articles on varying topics and interviews. I had full autonomy of the content of my column limited only by length and the deadline for submission and I thank the newspaper for this.

This is the hardest article that I have ever had to write; I suffered from ‘writer’s block’ and could not decide how to end this journey with you.

During the past eight years, I have tried via this column to represent the best of my profession – the hard-working, honest, compassionate lawyers looking out for the interests of their clients. I also aimed to share with readers, basic legal information that could be a starting point for discussions with their lawyers. I hope in some small measure that I have achieved this.

There are many more topics and articles still unwritten, so much more to offer in terms of interviews of legal personalities. I had the great privilege of interviewing members of my profession who would not ordinarily grant interviews. And I wish to take this time to thank them for their support.

It took some time but we finally published our first book, Simply law, which is a selection of some of the articles that I had published and some new material. There is the possibility of more publications in the future.

Thank you to the readers of my column. It was a pleasure to provide some insight into the legal profession and topics with you. My community service at The VOICE may be over but perhaps Simply Law may find another home so keep your eyes peeled.

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback. If there were particular articles that you enjoyed over the years, please write in and show your support.

Everyone who bought a copy of The VOICE to read my column, thank you.

Ms. Trudy O. Glasgow is a practising attorney at the law firm Trudy O. Glasgow & Associates, a court-appointed mediator and author in Saint Lucia (and has also taught law at University level in the UK)* Ms. Glasgow is also the current Vice President of the Bar Association of Saint Lucia and Chairperson of the National Research and Development Foundation.

This column is for general use only, for advice specifically for your case, please see your lawyer.
Share your thoughts and comments: you are invited to email me at trudyoglasgow@lawyer.com

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