Digicel Joins More For Healthier St. Lucia


DIGICEL has partnered with one of the region’s leading brands – Pine Hill, in the presentation of one of St. Lucia’s biggest sports and fitness -oriented events, the Pine Hill Fun Walk 2015.

The walk is scheduled for tomorrow under the theme ‘Join the Movement’ and will take participants from The Sab playing field Vigie and will culminate at Pigeon Island National Landmark with a grand health fair and more fitness fun.

Digicel continuously seeks to build partnerships that have a tremendous impact on the St. Lucian community thus 2012 birthed a very strategic and healthy partnership between Digicel and local distributors of the Pinehill brand, Peter & Company. As a socially conscious corporate citizen Digicel joined this extraordinary movement to further contribute to raising the awareness of healthy living and maintaining a very active lifestyle in St. Lucia.

The Pine Hill Fun Walk has grown extensively over the past 16 years and continues to grow even more to being appropriately dubbed as a movement. Pine Hill Fun Walk sees participation from a very wide cross-section of St, Lucia from families, children, physically challenged, babies and even the visually impaired.

Marketing and Communications Executive at Digicel Louise Victor says: “With St. Lucia having one of the highest rates of diabetes in the Caribbean, Digicel believes it is very critical to support such initiatives like the Pine Hill Fun Walk which helps foster a more health conscious nation. Diseases like diabetes and hypertension are lifestyle diseases and very much preventable. Taking action like walking for thirty minutes a day or general exercise daily and altering one’s diet can have significant impact on one’s wellness. The theme ‘Join the Movement ‘ for Pine Hill Fun Walk 2015 is very appropriate as this indeed what it has become. And for us at Digicel we are elation to be a partner of such an extraordinary movement which touches the lives of thousands of St. Lucians.”

Digicel invites all of St. Lucia to participate and join the movement for Pine Hill Fun walk 2015.

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