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The Statesman vs The Pretender

By Stephen Lester Prescott

“THE great difference between the real statesman and the pretender is that the one sees into the future while the other regards only the present; the one lives by the day and acts on expediency; the other acts on enduring principles and immortality.” Written many decades ago the writer Burke could well have been referring to Kenny Anthony the statesman and Allen Chastanet the pretender. Where Anthony has healed Chastanet has caused chaos. Where Anthony has drawn applause for his leadership, Chastanet’s actions, on the other hand, have served only to further divide. Where Anthony is the acknowledged undisputed leader, Chastanet faces almost daily mutiny.

Let us for a moment return to 1996 when the Saint Lucia Labour Party was in its fourteenth consecutive year of opposition. The party was hurting, bleeding almost, having lost successive General Elections in 1982, 1987 and 1992, and one bye election in 1996. Labour was in disarray with the UWP seemingly set to win an unprecedented fourth term in office. Kenny Anthony was hundreds of miles away, serving as legal counsel to Caricom when the call came for him to return home and heal the party’s wounds. He returned to a fractured opposition which was a shadow of its 1979 self. There was neither of the Odlum brothers, Josie was within the bosom of the UWP and Calixte George was leader of a new movement, the CDP. The UWP was still solidly powerful for even though Compton had made way for Vaughan Lewis, the long-time Micoud MP had remained on board as Senior Minister.

Many thought Kenny Anthony just short of mad to have left his cozy regional assignment with its hefty tax free remuneration, to venture into local politics with a party as divided and as long in opposition as was the SLP. Unlike Chastanet the pretender, the statesman Kenny saw into the future. He looked at the party not for what it was but for what it could be. He hit the ground running and by Convention time the seventeen constituencies had been whipped into shape, each one a formidable machine in its own right. There were no weak links and the UWP’s usual boast of beginning each election with solidly safe seats was under siege. Under Anthony, candidate selection was revamped. No longer was the party prepared to accept business as usual and every potential candidate had to prove his or her worth. They had to show the leadership that not only were they capable of winning seats but, equally importantly, that they could serve the people of the country in ministerial office.

Bright young stars emerged under Anthony; Mario Michel, Philip J. Pierre, Damian Greaves, Kenneth John, Walter François and MenissaRambally. The Young Turks complemented the stalwarts Velon John and Anthony Torrence and for good measure, the Odlum brothers returned to team Labour. That group got its great inspiration from its leader Anthony, who rather than attach himself to the “safe” Laborie seat instead went into the lion’s den of Vieux Fort South. There he challenged a sitting MP of eleven years standing, one who considered himself unbeatable. It is now well-known that not only did Anthony derail and ultimately bury Josie’s political career but that team Labour triumphed 16 to 1, a victory which remains the most lopsided in Saint Lucia’s colourful political history.

Compare Anthony’s qualities in taking a divided Labour Party and moulding it into a unified force with Chastanet’s handling of his leadership duties. Where Anthony brought harmony, Chastanet has brought division. Where Anthony embraced his predecessors, Chastanet sought to destroy them at every turn. Where Anthony could so easily have relegated Julian Hunte to oblivion, he instead embraced him and within a short time of taking office appointed him first as our country’s United Nations ambassador and later, our island’s external affairs minister. Mr. Hunte has since been knighted, also under Anthony’s watch. Chastanet on the hand has treated his predecessor, former Prime Minister Stephenson King, with the kind of contempt and disrespect that one reserves for his worst enemy. He has publicly humiliated King even orchestrating his removal as Leader of the Opposition. Once, he went on national television commenting that the former prime minister could not retain his seat. Imagine Chastanet who has never won an election publicly stating that a former Prime Minister who has won four elections, five if you count the twin elections of 1987, could not retain his seat. Chastanet went further and publicly chastised and humiliated King for meeting with Prime Minister Anthony in the wake of the December 2013 trough.

Where Anthony returned Hunte to the fold of Labour, Chastanet on the hand put in motion a committee with a mandate to expel Richard Frederick. It did not matter to Chastenet that as one of the architects of the 2006 elections victory, Frederick was among the main reasons that he Chastenet became a minister in the first place. Instead, all Chastanet saw was someone who would stand up to his dictatorial behaviour and Chastanet would have none of that. So Fredrick was sent packing in the most undignified manner imaginable. Today Frederick is considered a pariah, never mind that Chastanet once told a friend that Frederick in 2006 was worth more than Kenny Anthony in 2006.

So in less than two years at the helm of his party, Chastanet has expelled one sitting Member of Parliament and publicly humiliated another, his predecessor and former Prime Minister King. Anthony, on the other hand, has now led the Labour Party for nineteen years and during all of that time not one single member has ever been brought before the party’s disciplinary committee and expelled. Where Chastenet broods no opposition, under Anthony all opinions contend.

Spider Montoute, Deputy Leader of the UWP since 2005 would fare no better under Chastanet with Chastanet recently endorsing six candidates but not Montoute. Why would Chastenet so speedily endorse Dominic Fedee and Mary Isaac but not the long serving Montoute? The answer is simple. Chastanet wants no challenges. But Chastanet can take those chances with Spider because he is known to be spineless, unwilling to stand for principle and honour.

And speaking of Isaac, against the party’s wishes, Chastenet would cause the same Montoute to make way in the island’s Senate for Isaac, then the leader of the Civil Service Association. In typical Chastanet style, he publicly denied the appointment was political only to have his word again prove useless when Isaac was chosen to be the party’s candidate in Castries South. Here, too, more controversy erupted as former Attorney General, Rudolph Francis, the constituency’s caretaker candidate claimed not to have been notified of the run-off at which Isaac was chosen. Under Anthony, no candidate has been chosen by such deception. In fact, unlike the tightly Chastanet-controlled selection process which operates in the UWP, Labour Party run-offs under Anthony are public events with the highest degree of transparency. To date not a single UWP run-off has been witnessed by the press, a complete reversal of what obtains at Labour Party events. And mind you, this is a Press, the vast majority of whom are sympathetic and supportive of the Opposition.

Anthony inherited a disorganised and divided party and he healed it. Chastanet inherited a party which had won more elections than any other in our country’s history and has now brought it to its proverbial knees.

If indeed more proof was required that in the leadership department Anthony stands head and shoulders above Chastenet, their handling of their respective parties speak eloquently to this.

In the coming weeks I will be comparing the candidates of the two parties and also discuss the matter of Chastanet’s academic qualifications. After all, how could I resist the entry of Mary Isaac in politics as a UWP candidate?


  1. Chastanet has been, is, and always will be a disaster for anything this fraudulent charlatan lays his hands upon. Here is a fraudster who having been raised as a ‘plantation’ overseer is unable to communicate with the people in the field, because his parents taught him not to associate with the Lucians who did not speak English.

    The Chastanets are agents of the British and American intelligence Agencies, with Michael Chastanet’s public endorsement of the murder of Lucian men who the Israeli agents thought should be, “TAKEN OUT”, resulting in the murder of truck loads of innocent Lucian men by corrupt policemen encouraged by Vernon Francois, along with some corrupt businessmen and politicians.

    The Chastanets hate the Black Lucian people and have exploited the hospitality of the Lucian people with Allen calling Lucian Black men NIGGERS, while thinking that the pale skinned witch-like females are the superior criminals, and the beautiful African women are only capable of working as his slaves.

  2. Them labour apologist will continue to talk hogwash, this government has failed, no jobs, economy getting worse, taxes increasing but instead of you labourites working hard to find solutions to our issues you all only focus on chasnet. Is chasnet this, chasnest that while things get harder for us the people. Chasnet represents something new, kenny and all like him who in politics for 3 and 4 electoral cycles should retire…..these fake leaders robbing our future while talking shit

  3. Quoting Son-of-Man – July 15, 2015 at 9:54 am “… it required Psychiatric intervention in my life to alert me to the damage inflicted upon my being….”
    Now, It will require a second round of psychiatric intervention to alert you to the damage inflicted on your brain. It’s true that your mental condition probably doesn’t allow you to be fully aware of the things you say and the things you write; but, brother, you are regurgitating the same things (Chastanet, Josie, Rick Waye, White God, Black God, Niggers, etc., etc.) over and over and over.
    Try to snap out of the nightmare you are living; for we are tired of it; the publication is tired of it; infact, the whole world is tired of it; yet you proceed……..

    I’ll be in St.Lucia for three weeks (Aug. 14 – Sep. 4); and if I have to bound you to take you to La Toc for psychiatric observation, I will.

    Until then, stop repeating yourself.

    1. Only jackasses like this writer have such diseased brains to turn out serial hogwash like those who fooled him into believing that what he sees is a statesman. Poor Lucians most have little knowledge of anything but creole. Little wonder the country have their palms stretched out in front of them, while the whine their tails at every opportunity. Their English fails them time and time again. So, jackass who or what is a statesman? In your limited Saint Lucian dictionary, who is a statesman?

      Is it one who fundamentally misconstrues the basics of business, management and economics such that he serially makes monumental financial blunders in an egregious geometric series: $48 million (Rochamel), $86 million (Black Bays land giveaway), $500 million (in losses with Grynberg). Dummy, the offender is still in place to do more sacrilegious damage! You still see statesmanship in all of that, jackass? You do. Of course you do. Or, else you would not be writing such crap instead of meaningful discourse on national development. And you are shamelessly proud of your role. No doubt. Idiot!

      A statesman would have resigned long, long time ago. Saint Lucians are eternally in love with their white plantation masters and their grandchildren. Saint Lucians will continue to suffer for their deepening political ignorance. There’s no respite.

  4. From where I sit the only new thing I see this “never see come see” Chastanet representing is a new low never experienced by the Island.

    I have watched this guy, I have listened to him and more and more I become convinced his head is just not fit for the top job. The trouble with him is he has a big mouth. He likes to talk and as top man he will have to talk. The question is does he have the resources. Citing his debacle when he cited the American revolution and the cause of it. Two things here: it reveals his ignorance. Now one may argue that revolution has nothing to do with us here. Well not directly anyway. But what one cannot overlook are the dangers that those “who knows not he knows not” engenders in what they say and do.

    I have watched this guy in his feebly attempt to make it appear that he is comfortable with our mother tongue. When he was not making George Bush jr. look pretty mediocre with his one liners he was being dishonest. What is clear is he should have remembered the culture he is now calling his own in the days of his youth. Now because of this failure he is severely handicapped. And if he was being true to himself he would admit that he is not fit to travel the road he wants to travel.

    Perhaps the biggest danger to the country is not Chastanet but those propping him up or putting down the Labour Party and everything it does and stands for. Why can’t they see the corruptible defects this man possess? All some of them can see is a successful businessman as opposed to Anthony who they claim is a failure. Hate him or like him given his profile I don’t think anyone could make such a claim.

    I think our problem is we have to grow up and leave the petty politics aside. When we have done that then I assure our politics will be much more productive and worth while.

    1. There are ignorant and foolish individuals who are cursed with dishonesty. It matters not if the truth strikes them in the eye they will find a method to distort it.

      Your annalists of this Fraudster and impostor Allen Chastanet is factual and intellectually sound. What puzzles me most is why is Chastanet able to fool so many people.

  5. Chastanet will be the next PM of St.Lucia so please try getting use to it,because ready or not here he comes. We will destroy ISIS.

    1. “…God created me in His image and likeness and that I am a child of God.”

      No, Son-of-Man, you’ve got it all wrong. God created the rest of us in His image and likeness and that we are children of God; as for you, we are still trying to figure that out.

    2. YEAH!!!

      You will see a question asked me by Allah, about those who “KNOW”. I am constantly abused by agents of White Supremacy for speaking truth, now you too, claim to be another one of God’s Children ? I was always told the lie, that God had only one baby — you must be an illegitimate child. Here’s is the claim of imagery that you make with this statement of yours.

      Whoso desireth power (should know that) all power belongeth to Allah. Unto Him good words ascend, and the pious deed doth He exalt; but those who plot iniquities, theirs will be an awful doom; and the plotting of such (folk) will come to naught. (10)
      Allah created you from dust, then from a little fluid, then He made you pairs (the male and female). No female beareth or bringeth forth save with His knowledge. And no-one groweth old who groweth old, nor is aught lessened of his life, but it is recorded in a Book, Lo! that is easy for Allah. (11)
      And the two seas are not alike: this, fresh, sweet, good to drink, this (other) bitter, salt. And from them both ye eat fresh meat and derive the ornament that ye wear. And thou seest the ship cleaving them with its prow that ye may seek of His bounty, and that haply ye may give thanks. (12)
      He maketh the night to pass into the day and He maketh the day to pass into the night. He hath subdued the sun and moon to service. Each runneth unto an appointed term. Such is Allah, your Lord; His is the Sovereignty; and those unto whom ye pray instead of Him own not so much as the white spot on a date-stone. (13)
      If ye pray unto them they hear not your prayer, and if they heard they could not grant it you. On the Day of Resurrection they will disown association with you. None can inform you like Him Who is Aware. (14)
      O mankind! Ye are the poor in your relation to Allah. And Allah! He is the Absolute, the Owner of Praise. (15)
      If He will, He can be rid of you and bring (instead of you) some new creation. (16)
      That is not a hard thing for Allah. (17)
      And no burdened soul can bear another’s burden, and if one heavy laden crieth for (help with) his load, naught of it will be lifted even though he (unto whom he crieth) be of kin. Thou warnest only those who fear their Lord in secret, and have established worship. He who groweth (in goodness), groweth only for himself, (he cannot by his merit redeem others). Unto Allah is the journeying. (18)
      The blind man is not equal with the seer; (19)
      Nor is darkness (tantamount to) light; (20)
      Nor is the shadow equal with the sun’s full heat; (21)
      Nor are the living equal with the dead. Lo! Allah maketh whom He will to hear. Thou canst not reach those who are in the graves. (22)
      Thou art but a warner. (23)
      Lo! We have sent thee with the Truth, a bearer of glad tidings and a warner; and there is not a nation but a warner hath passed among them. (24)
      And if they deny thee, those before them also denied. Their messengers came unto them with clear proofs (of Allah’s Sovereignty), and with the Psalms and the Scripture giving light. (25)
      Then seized I those who disbelieved, and how intense was My abhorrence! (26)
      Hast thou not seen that Allah causeth water to fall from the sky, and We produce therewith fruit of divers hues; and among the hills are streaks white and red, of divers hues, and (others) raven-black; (27)
      And of men and beasts and cattle, in like manner, divers hues? The erudite among His bondmen fear Allah alone. Lo! Allah is Mighty, Forgiving. (28)
      Lo! those who read the Scripture of Allah, and establish worship, and spend of that which We have bestowed on them secretly and openly, they look forward to imperishable gain, (29)
      That He will pay them their wages and increase them of His grace. Lo! He is Forgiving, Responsive. (30)
      As for that which We inspire in thee of the Scripture, it is the Truth confirming that which was (revealed) before it. Lo! Allah is indeed Observer, Seer of His slaves. (31)
      Then We gave the Scripture as inheritance unto those whom We elected of Our bondmen. But of them are some who wrong themselves and of them are some who are lukewarm, and of them are some who outstrip (others) through good deeds, by Allah’s leave. That is the great favour! (32)
      Gardens of Eden! They enter them wearing armlets of gold and pearl and their raiment therein is silk. (33)
      And they say: Praise be to Allah Who hath put grief away from us. Lo! Our Lord is Forgiving, Bountiful, (34)
      Who, of His grace, hath installed us in the mansion of eternity, where toil toucheth us not nor can weariness affect us. (35)
      But as for those who disbelieve, for them is fire of hell; it taketh not complete effect upon them so that they can die, nor is its torment lightened for them. Thus We punish every ingrate. (36)
      And they cry for help there, (saying): Our Lord! Release us; we will do right, not (the wrong) that we used to do. Did not We grant you a life long enough for him who reflected to reflect therein? And the warner came unto you. Now taste (the flavour of your deeds), for evil-doers have no helper. (37)
      Lo! Allah is the Knower of the Unseen of the heavens and the earth. Lo! He is Aware of the secret of (men’s) breasts. (38)

  6. Truly it is the silly season indeed. Here I lay me back in my air conditioned retreat sipping a cool one, then I checked for the News and what do I see. One frustrated paranoid S-O-M blowing hot air and ashes over another St.Lucian because he hates his skin colour.

    1. SOB, like all religions, Allah is the figment of hallucinations. You can write until all the cows come home, only ISIS can change your mind when they shave your stupid head from neck. Dummy.

  7. /

    The most destructive, catastrophic and paralyzingly form of mental oppression imposed upon people of color, is the religious worship of the so-called “White” man as God. This malignant concept that God the Almighty, who is the Owner of All the beautiful names – Holy, Powerful, Mighty, Loving – to Whom belongs everything in the Heavens and the Earth, and whatever is between them (Dark Matter), and whatever is buried in the depths of the Earth, is shamelessly portrayed in the image of a Caucasian.

    Black Samboe men and women dispossessed of all self-respect, KNEEL and beg this demonic image of white supremacy and Sexism for help. This practice is the fountainhead of the self-hatred pandemic with People of Color, and the reason for fratricide and the oppression of women. This prejudice/racist White-Male God never wanted a daughter, implying that women are defective! undesirable – only one White begotten god-the-son he wanted ?

    Answer me God! why would you not have an African daughter instead? You had to rub our faces in the dirt that you are pale-skinned, blue-eyed, thin-nosed like your begotten son? These deranged self-hating Negroes employed their necromantical rituals to deceived me into accepting that God created me in His image and likeness and that I am a child of God.

    I made several futile efforts at transforming the Castries River, at the Shitally location, into wine, only to fail miserably, while being ridiculed by the “Mal-Zoy-Wheres”. Is this cliché: “I am a child of God”, bogus or what? Is this the examples you exhibit as my father? I “Cyan’t” even make a “poe-ban of wom blance?”

    Slavery has left the so-called Negro mentally impaired, causing his participation in this Satanic Religions of necrophilia.

    I have a picture of the REAL GOD in this picture — no more guessing, we see God plainly in the picture.




  8. S-O-M you are one sick sick sick paranoid creature just stepped out of your hiding under the rock. I would hate having you as an elementary school teacher anywhere in St.Lucia because with your schizophrenic mind you would poison the minds of the unsuspecting innocents. Is that what your Islamic friends have been teaching you? death to anyone who do not think like you. I want you to know, I’m not a religious man and I don’t like idols, but I reserve the right to think and even to worship whom I may. Your whole concept of God is not what you pretend to know. I, myself, do not only believe, but I know there is a God. The ‘Almighty God’ is a Spirit and no man has ever seen God and lived. But The Fox knows, he was called and have been spoken to. You ask me how I know? I know and I just know, I heard Him audibly and I felt His touch more than once. Surely doubters like you will laugh.

  9. One Brain-Damaged Transsexual has assigned me to perpetual confinement at La Toc. Now THE FOX has diagnosed me as paranoid schizophrenic ? Fortunately I read in this newspaper about Lucia having too many doctors; this statement puzzled me until now his words are clear after encountering these Shrinks in these blogs.

    I had read many of the intelligent comments by THE FOX only to be blind-sided by his statements about speaking to Ghost. Some of the victims of white supremacy believe, “JESUS IS GOD” incarnate, but THE FOX doesn’t subscribe to this line so he is almost a Muslim.

    I am concerned how the actions of the Lunatics who call themselves ISIL, seem to be so distorted when repeated by victims of western propaganda. ISIL is a creation of the CIA as is being manifested with the unwillingness of Turkey to participate in the destruction and mayhem of Muslim Countries; ISIL has killed thousands more Muslims than any other of their victims, but that’s for another topic.

    Let’s take a peep at a “small” MASS MURDER committed by your so-called White Christian brothers.

    “White Christian MPs were called in. armed with machine guns…They shot everything that moved, until nothing did; not one defenseless soldier got away. When the shooting stopped, over 1200 members of the 364th were slaughtered.” In December of 1943, over one thousand Black soldiers were slaughtered at Camp Van Dorn, located just outside the sleepy southern town of Centerville Mississippi. These enlisted men weren’t killed in combat with the enemy, but were lined up and mowed down, unarmed, by white Christian soldiers acting on orders from superiors in the US Army.

    Unbelievable, isn`t it? The first thought I had upon hearing about the incident was that it couldn’t possibly be true. So, I got my hands on the book, “The Slaughter”, written by Carroll Case, a local, white Mississippi journalist who blew the cover off this shocking, long-rumored massacre. I’ll tell you more about who are the real Killers of people who don’t become Christians, if I can find some of the Aztec people after Columbus and his Christians were finished with them.





  10. I know many black Samboes hate me for speaking the truth about their Slave Master’s religion. I really do not loose sleep over that, because truth needs no ally. We know the good Doctor Allen Chastanet is a fake and an impostor who studied Law, Medicine, and Engineering at M.I.T., and N.J.I.T.

    Many of you will soon take your children to Allen to have their Appendicitis remedied. “ZORT FOOH”. Here is a report given by a nun about the priest you folk think have special powers:

    “Later, I’m taken to the priest’s room for coffee. While I’m having coffee sitting on the cot, the only place in the room to sit, he comes and embraces me hard, almost suffocating me. When I struggle to escape from his clutches, he squeezes my breasts and asks me to show them to him. ‘Have you seen a man?’ Stunned, I shake my head ‘no’. In no time, he undresses himself.”
    Sister Jesme in her book Amen: The Autobiography of a Nun

    All the politician except Guy are in these Churches to fool you Lucians and get your votes; Guy does his own “Chen-bois”. Here’s some more:

    “The convents and nunneries are being converted into brothels. The priests have sex with the nuns at night in these convents. Because of these acts, the chastity of the priests and nuns has come under suspicion. Their love for God has shrunk…some of the clergy protect their chastity by watching pornography, reading pornographic material and masturbating. They lose themselves in this habit. These books and DVDs are kept in secret places and can’t be found easily.”

    Father Shibu Kalamparambil in his memoir Oru Vaidikante Hrudayamitha (The Heart of a Priest)

  11. Surah Ya-Seen
    In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

    Does not man see that We have created him from Nutfah (mixed male and female discharge — semen drops). Yet behold! he (stands forth) as an open opponent. (77)
    And he puts forth for Us a parable, and forgets his own creation. He says: “Who will give life to these bones after they are rotten and have become dust?” (78)
    Say: “He will give life to them Who created them for the first time! And He is the All-Knower of every creation!” (79)
    He, Who produces for you fire out of the green tree, when behold! You kindle therewith. (80)
    Is not He, Who created the heavens and the earth Able to create the like of them? Yes, indeed! He is the All-Knowing Supreme Creator. (81)
    Verily, His Command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, “Be!” and it is! (82)
    So glorified is He and Exalted above all that they associate with Him, and in Whose Hands is the dominion of all things: and to Him you shall be returned. (83)

  12. You have to be one hell of a mal-educated aging dummy to recite subversive lines with such alacrity, and understand so darn little, like the nodding iron donkeys in an oil field. But Saint Lucians have never ever shown–from slavery to this very day–that they can ever rise to the level of maturity as a people, to ever think for themselves. Never ever! I am so glad that I have options still available to me and my family. When vermin like SOB shit in the water, I do not and will not have to drink from it.

    1. POLIUS:

      You are a manifestation of the classical retrograde Lucian. To quote you, “I am so glad that I have options still available to me and my family. ” What options you have ? going to live in some basement in Brooklyn ? Calling your girlfriend Bitch and Vermin ? You seem to be in your total comfort zone spewing invective while saying nothing.

      I have told you ignorant Black Christian slaves, to get your mind off this 238 sq. mile plantation and meet with people your white God told you to hate, and stop praying to that Naked Caucasian you call God.

      Who is the “SHIT IN THE WATER” other than a the slave named POLIUS who feels no abhorrence when his girlfriend and daughters kneel in front of another naked man dripping blood from his penis into their mouths while he sits there like a Marco and gets his demented fetishes off as she eats him ? What’s these great options you ignorant slave possess, working for Chastanet at the mall ? cut the crap Polius ! and change that stupid slave-name. What Black man goes around calling himself POLIUS in 2015 ? A frigging retard; that’s who.

  13. Why has Kenny Anthony not taken actions to arrest the Killer Cops led by Vernon Francois and sanctioned by police brass and business men ? Here is a business man Michael Chastanet threatening to crush those who made inquires into his boy Allen Chastanet’s lack of the College Degrees claimed by Allen in video (1). Michael is one of the business men who openly advocated the “TAKING-OUT”/MURDERING Lucians who did not measure up to his standards as instructed by the CIA. in video (3)



    (3) https://www.facebook.com/284538805083530/videos/vb.284538805083530/379702985567111/?type=2&theater

    1. SOB, there are Looshans with more than one home in the US, with more than one homes in two states in the US, and more than two homes in two or more countries outside of Saint Lucia. Because you are, just like your low-class mind still in the basement, that does not mean that any thinking Saint Lucian will want to join your sorry black @@#$# down there at your basement level. Nasty crazy Moslem bastard. I leave you for ISIS to sacrifice your foolish stinking head to your invisible cynical mythical god halla!

  14. What has Chastanet done to you that you hate him so much? there are a few of you who for months have been shitting all over this man. The worse is Claudi-ass, R.F., Kenny Anthony and others. But time is up, you guys will pay big time for that and I can’t wait. See you all in Court.

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