Krauses Give More Books To Sandals Foundation

The Krauses show off  their latest donation.
The Krauses show off their latest donation.

SANDALS returning guests Sue and Larry Krause, veteran educators from Kent in the United Kingdom, have maintained their commitment to promoting educational initiatives in Saint Lucia with a 63-kilo (or 138 pounds) donation of educational supplies to the Sandals Foundation.

The donation comes as part of the Sandals Foundations partnership with the Pack for a Purpose initiative that allows guests to give back to the local communities.

The two have confessed to having taught remarkable Caribbean-born students with tremendous potential for learning.

They believe that such minds must be embraced and nurtured from the early stages.

This is their fifth such donation to the Sandals Foundation and in 2014 the couple donated over 50 kilos of assorted books to the Sandals Foundation in time for the new upcoming school year.

The items will be donated to deserving children through a drive that will take place shortly.

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