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UWP Steps Up Election Plans

AT least one media house this week reported that an attorney from Choiseul was tipped to contest that constituency for the United Workers party whenever the next general elections are called. However, The VOICE understands that the party’s executive has yet to give the final nod to that selection.

In fact the party’s chairman, Ezekiel Joseph when contacted Thursday gave a terse response when asked about the situation in Choiseul stating that “as far as the party is concerned the process is still not finalized.”

He was referring to the selection process for a candidate in that constituency.

However, Joseph is not the only high ranking member of the UWP to appear unsure of the attorney’s selection.

Leader of the Opposition Dr. Gail Rigobert, earlier this week expressed mild astonishment when reporters asked her for an opinion on the matter during a press conference at her High Street office in Castries.

“I do not have enough information on it to speak to it,” she said.

The attorney, Huggins Neal Nicholas, was said to have been chosen by the selection committee of the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency group.

The Choiseul scenario, along with the runoff in Castries South last week and the one in Anse la Raye/Canaries last month are indicative of the UWP’s determination to complete its candidate selection process in the shortest possible time, preferably by the end of next month, according to reports, which were confirmed by Rigobert.

“Yes, we are on track for July’s completion of the unveiling of our candidates,” she said.

“Our preparation is on several levels. We continue to examine the existing policies of the government and where those policies have failed dramatically, and what policy fixers would be required when we regain the governance of this country,” Rigobert said.

According to her the party has already covered some of the sectors in full.

“I am hoping that within the next couple months we can have a comprehensive policy framework. We are very cautious, very meticulous in ensuring that policies that we are proposing, that we are crafting are not policies to grab votes but feasible policies that are implementable and can bring about the economic turnaround that this economy needs,” Rigobert said.

The opposition leader says that her party must be tempered in their preparation of the right proposals for the economy.

“We have to be tempered in our own preparations so that when we do propose those policies we have a degree of confidence that they are the right policies at this time and would bring about the economic fixes that this economy so desperatelyly requires,” she said.

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  1. Surely you can do better than to serve readers such mundane, padded fare. There is no substance to this story – just a heap of redundancy and contradictions. You say Ezeckiel was unsure what was happening with the candidate selection process in Choiseul. But what you quote Execkiel as saying is that the process is not complete. How then could you say he was unsure, especially when your story indicates the process by which candidates are chosen.

    Your article could have told readers something about this Huggins chap ands the source of his appeal to voters in Choiseul. Alas you have your readers in the same dark room that you found them.

  2. I do not particularly like Rufus and the way he conducts himself in the political arena – but it would be a big mistake if the Party do not consider him as the logical candidate for Choiseul. In an election today, he would win one on one, or two on one. It’s a bitter pill – but THINK.

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