Isaac Gets Petition From Disgruntled CSA Members

A petition signed by more than 500 members of the Civil Service Association calling for the removal of its entire executive was handed to acting general secretary Mary Isaac last Friday.

Isaac has 14 days in which to issue a notice of an extraordinary general meeting to act on the petition.

“The general secretary and not the organization can be taken to court if she allows the 14 day time period to elapse without putting out a notice informing members of the meeting,” BethelmyFedee said.

Fedee is a member of a group called ‘Save Our Union.” The group managed to amass the signatures over a two week period after it held its inaugural meeting at the Castries Town Hall two weeks ago.

The group was formed to give support to members of the organization who felt that the executive, headed by Isaac as President, was failing members on a number of fronts.

Isaac, late last month, resigned as president and was appointed acting general secretary by the executive, a move Fedee says violates the organization’s constitution which gives the right to appoint positions on the executive to the organization’s General Council, which last met in October 2013.

Since her resignation other members of the executive have experienced upward mobility in positions, with trustees being appointed to fill positions in the lower echelons of the executive.

As of last Friday she had a total of 35 days in which to prepare for the extraordinary general meeting.

Meanwhile the infighting within the Association over the past year has reportedly taken a toll on its membership with Fedee claiming that hundreds of members had left the union.

With regards to the petition, he said, it was delivered toIsaacwith an agenda for the meeting and that no ambiguity could be found in it.

The petitioners quoted several grievances against the Executive including its alleged failure to effectively represent and unite all its members in accordance with its objectives, and failure to remain politically impartial and independent, resulting in significant dissatisfaction and more than 300 persons withdrawing their membership.

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