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My Dream Speech For St. Lucia

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By John Peters

I have a dream that one day our nation of St Lucia will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “The Land, the People, the Light.”

I have a dream that one day looking up to the rising hills of the Pitons, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave-owners now only separated by the politics of colour, will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. I have a dream that one day this politics of colour that has created a desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of fairness, justice and peace.

I have a dream that my two children will one day live in a nation which embraces this truth, that light will shine on this blessed land with the acceptance that all people must be judged by the content of their character. I have a dream today.

It is alright to dream, it is alright to have a vision. So I shall continue to dream, to dream of a day when we rise to accept that as a region we are mature enough to judge ourselves.

I dream of a day when we can move towards the Caribbean Court of Justice as our final Appellate Court, and accept that the moral content of our judges is not shaped by the appendage of the word lord.

I shall dream of a day when decisions on infrastructure projects are not driven by political expediency but birthed in the cradle of sound technical and economic analysis.

I shall dream of the day when our policy makers are vigilant and do not allow the rafters of state affairs to decay and the roof to fall in through indolence and through idleness of hands the house leaks and instead of repairing the breaches, they make feasts for laughter, and serve wine and look towards taxes to answer all things.

I have a dream that corruption, this unfortunate abortifacient, will never be allowed to induce the abortion of the progress of this great nation.

I shall dream of the day when the cultural modification by our long association with the core principles of Christianity, shall be reflected in every dealing within the society, such acculturation I seek after.

I have a dream that we as a nation would embrace the concept of relevant education, one that allows the unveiling of the full potential of our children. A concept of education that links the development of the child to the society’s productive and socio-cultural dimensions, an education that causes the pollination, the flowers to bloom, the evidences of the salubrity of a nation.

I shall dream of the day when that recalcitrant minority within our society, whose sole intent and purpose is to thwart the development of our nation, those who believe that the weight of their loudness can cause the maximum deflection of the beam of reason, shall be silenced by a rising chorus of an awakened society.

I have a dream of a day when we move away from the proclivity of judging the fruit by the flower, that we are not deceived by the flower of words, but judged by the fruit of actions.

I have learned that there is a secret to contentment in God that allows one to have the same joy in times of abundance and in times of need, to be fully satisfied possessing plenty or nothing. It is a wonderful place when you transition from being possessed by things to become possessed by God.

In that place you can dream, in that place you can believe that all things are possible


    1. I share the dream but not the optimism. We are not YET a nation. We are just inhabitants on an island run by rampaging opportunistic marauding political vultures of various ilks, with a national anthem, a flag and and coat of arms. Case in point: Up to this very day we have NOT had a nationalist leader. A socialist dysfunctional one, that almost turned us into aanother little hell-hole called Cuba yes. Why?

      Ok, then. When Odlum gained power from all that activism, what did he do with it? Simple: agitate some more till he brought the entire government down. It was for him, all Castroism or nothing.

      Up to now, our domestic wet-behind-the-ears misguided mis- and mal-educated politicians cannot and will not learn!

      They cannot learn that you cannot transfer or translate wholesale, systems with deep cultural roots from abroad. You must have the necessary inborn commonsense and skill sets to ADAPT those to local or domestic situations.

      Copy-cats with absolutely no other intelligence than IQ have not made great leaders anywhere in the history of the world. Great leaders have all been their own man. Unique.

      Compton did not have a vision.

      He mouthed that Saint Lucia would be the Taiwan of the Caribbean. He had no clue how to industrialise beyond the technology of the cutlass, hoe and sleeving of bananas. He even fooled the people into believing that the then dead banana industry could be revived on his second coming.

      Kenny is not a leader either.

      The very damaging testimony attesting to this is that he, after several turns in office and in politics, he is NOW going about the country fooling people again by pretending that a vision comes from polling or a surveying the people. Did someone say an election is in the offing?

      Even if this polling were successful, presenting a consensus of sorts, it would most charitably put as LEADING FROM BEHIND! Genuine leaders have followers BEHIND THEIR grand vision.

      But leadership comes with a vision. Over the years, therefore, all the bluster and posturing at election time have today amounted to just clever political deception and disguised intentions about doing things, just to remain in office or simply to win the next election. As such, this does not ever count as or amount to a vision.

      Therefore we have to dream on till we Saint Lucians grows a native, a real bona fide Saint Lucian, not an import to take us forward with a vision. I am sick and tired of childish imitators surrounded by unashamed adoring old stooges with their various displays of self-serving alacrity.!

  1. May I add:
    That the balancing of all financial books will take on the rigor of separate payable versus receivables domains as distinct as a moonlit nite versus a sunny day in theirrespected governance.
    That checks and balances become a fluid proactive doctrine in every aspect of governance
    That the 3 Rs of waste management and Green -small carbon footprint be taught, implemented and ENFORCED.
    That interdepartmental synergies be explored and tapped to maximize effectiveness and or lower operating costs
    That STANDARDS and frameworks of best practices be studied refined and implemented (the success of Disney World and McDonald’s Restaurants uses these Industrial Psy concepts routinely)
    The Boeing 777 development TEAM model be studied and modified to the needs of the economic progress of the island.
    Abandon the current format of the senate -replace it with a senate made up of a round of elections from the pool of already elected town /village council executives within each district. Although he or she will wear two hats -an allocation of an extra executive secretary
    with technical expertise will balance the responsibilities.
    This proactive senate format wipes away NEPOTISM and increases the proximity and accountability to the local folks they represent.
    A new dawn of government of the people- by the people -for the people
    under a DIVINE God.

  2. And for the nation to be more circumspect on matters of integrity. And the characteristics of doing business is NOT Governed by : NEPOTISM, GREED, MALFEASANCE and CORRUPTION. And for these imbeciles, parasites and blood suckers of the poor. Yes the ones were call POLITICIANS, will find sanctuary up on that Dennery Hill for milking the
    Islands coffer…until such time. keep giving em hell eng. Peters

  3. You know in St. Lucia – whose idea was it to change St. Lucia to Saint Lucia ? this had to be a White Supremacist drunk on cheap blood of God/wine – there is a plant called “Go Pon-Pon” from which an intoxicant is produced; this intoxicant is a potent hallucinogen – Jesse Peters, please go easy on this brew, and I hope you awake from this nightmare while I pray you will have a full recovery – the other Peter, the Roman Josie never made it back to sobriety.

  4. A positive dream.
    Unfortunately the reality is an unending nightmare of selfish politicians who continually put party before country; political parties who put re-election and the interests of a minority of their supporters before the interests of ALL Saint Lucians; a people who seem content with the crumbs of political patronage rather than use their God-given talents to realize their true potential.

    It will take more than a dream to end this nightmare.

  5. My friend Mr. John Peters: We have never met but I call you friend. John, I have had many dreams for St.Lucia and I’ve made many trips down from these cold Mountain tops, only to find the tribes back to their primitive selves, drunken, carousing, dancing disgracefully be it carnival or Jazz or just the usual weekend fete, with no breaks in between. Now all of us do take time off for a bit of fun and a sip at the fruit of the Vine, but it seems to me that it is all they do, party all the time. After reaching ground zero on many occasions, I grabbed all of my dreams, smashed them to the ground and retreated. The time came many years ago, that I refused to repeat myself anymore.But now looking down with sadness and anger, seeing the poor enduring these indignities thrust upon them by a machinery hell bent at destroying the last hope of the dying soul of this nation, without shame, playing the race card and making fun of those whose patois is limited, and the people cheer and laugh, and boasting of being identified as stooges. I know that my redeemer lives, and that one day I will stand upon these same grounds and reflect on my dreams and have the last laugh. I will not depart this earth before my final dream is realized ” a people proud again prosperous again, without fear of another day in despair because my God will supply all of their needs by the grace of the Almighty. “

    1. “making fun of those whose patois is limited,”

      Why not be straightforward and express your gloom that Allen is a deceitful ignoramus, and this veiled attempt to castigate Lucians for rejecting your mulatto god, is transparently hypocritical.

      What is even more telling is your willingness to lie “patois is limited,” garcon, las seme gwen. Ask Jesse Peters and Allen what that means? Lol

  6. First, there’s Josie’s attempt to devalue kweyol, and now another sycophant of de dear leader Kim Wong Al En, with a lame effort to exonerate this phantom Lucian from his arrogant perception of those he sees as NIGGERS – the reason he would not be like them and speak their language. How can anyone convince me, that Cannibalistic Negroes who worship a naked Caucasian as their god, eating him and drinking his blood, are not deranged.

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