Allen Chastanet For Micoud South

LEADER of the opposition United Workers Party Allen Chastanet appears to have found himself what political pundits describe as a relatively “safe” seat‎, ahead of general elections constitutionally due in 2016.

Chastanet who failed to win the Soufriere seat in the 2011 elections, will contest the Micoud-South seat in the next general elections, a traditional stronghold of his United Workers Party.

Chastanet’s candidacy was approved Tuesday at a meeting of the UWP Micoud-South constituency branch.

Incumbent Micoud-South MP, Arsene James confirmed the decision while also denying persistent reports that he was paid by Chastanet for the seat which even his detractors agree is Chastanet’s best shot at getting into parliament.

“I think the intention is to destroy Mr.Chastanet,” James, a former Education Minister said, adding that, “whoever is doing this will eventually pay for it because there is no truth. I may be hungry but I’m not greedy. If I sell the seat I will be selling the people,” James said.

He said he decided not to contest the upcoming general election because, “I’m not getting any younger.”

James also promised to work with Chastanet to ensure that he wins the seat when the election is called.

The decision now has to be endorsed by the United Workers Party’s National Council.


  1. Well done, I have receipt for your dispensation and confirm payment of your indulgences in the preferable Swiss Accounts receivable.
    You opted to add the premium exclusive novena, therefore, our specially fitted Gulfstream shall fly over the Troumasse Bridge and East S East to its Atlantic delta, to bless it with our very special sacred remnants. Your deputy, Count Le Guy and your consultant Mary recommended the Jericho special on your behalf.
    We concur, given the formidable political climate ahead of you.
    Do not forget to provide extra security for our Micoud Basilica tropical outpost and its environs during next year’s volcanic contest- You are now a bona fide Knight Templar.

  2. This critter, Allen Chastanet has sunk even lower into his bottomless pit as he pursues and swells with the lust for power, stopping at nothing – ready to lie at the drop of a pin. How much did Chastanet pay Arsene ?

    Are Lucians that gullible to believe that Arsene James is so old, tired and decrepit that he does not have the energy to campaign for his own reelection because this effort will result in his death, but will campaign vigorously for Chastanet ? I mean; are you for real ?? How could you Lucians allow these critters, Allen and his Bolom, to call you Niggers, then turn around and sell you this bag of fesses and dead “Qar-poes” with the mouths of these dead frogs stitched shut.

    Allen Chastanet is the worst of humanity, he is a coward with a father who will soon die and leave him money. Why did Allen not contest in Castries against Richard Frederick ? the gutless critter is too afraid of this Black man.

    Cowardice asks, is it SAFE ? Expediency asks, is it politic ? Vanity asks, is it popular ? but conscience asks, IS IT RIGHT ??

    1. “Allen Chastanet is the worst of humanity, he is a coward with a father who will soon die and leave him money.”
      It was just a few days ago that you wished a poor blogger, with whom you disagree, would go and drown himself in the Castries Harbor; now you, who is playing God, is predicting the imminent death of Michael Chastanet.

      Why are you so obsess with death? Man, for a Muslim who must travel to a mosque to pray 5 times a day, you surely find plenty of time to come to this forum to spew your hatred, toxic venom.

      1. Just to set your rudders correctly, it was Allen I encouraged to swim from Tapion to Vigie with an Eight-inch concrete block tied to his neck, but instead of taking my kind advice, Allen has morphed into the Coward-of-the-Country, paying Arsene to give up the “SAFE SEAT” so the YELLOW COWARD Tarzan, can satisfy his lust to rule over you Black Natives with his wife Jane and his Boy, Guy. lol

        As to your inquest into my life and death, W.S. said this: “Cowards die many times before their death; the valiant never taste of death but once.

        Allen Chastanet is a lowdown coward who lives in fear of rejection by the Lucian people, and that is more painful to the coward than death is to the true courage of Richard Frederick.


        It is sometime since we have your pretentious and duplicitous character, making you the perfect same-sex partner of Allen Chastanet. I have admonished you on several occasions not to practice such deceptions by disguising yourself with pseudonyms, hiding behind transparent shields, while throwing stones.

        Exercising empathy to your condition as a victim of worshiping the naked Caucasian, and the post traumatic injuries of slavery an its after effects, I have found it necessary to allow you to assume that your snake-like behavior has given you shelter while you go hissing about; but TOM TOM/JOHN WAYNE KANE, this act of yours is beginning to get stale. Let me refresh your delusional mind that “The Blogger” you claimed I asked to commit suecide was the same ole TOM TOM, clone of Allen Chastanet the fraudster with the Earpiece that only hears in English. Here’s the record of your feeble attempt to die for Allen May 16, 2015:

        Son-of-Man Reply
        May 16, 2015 at 12:01 am

        I would ask Kim Jong Wong AlEn, is he void of all shame, so as to be such a bold-faced fraudster, just being a charlatan. Pretending to be interested in the people of St. Lucia all of a sudden, when your history, from not finding ONE Black woman in Soufriere good enough to marry, and let her teach you how to speak kweyol, while leading a fraudulent march calling Black people NIGGERS. Kim Jong Wong Chastante can you please do us a favor and tie a big stone around your neck and swim from Tapion to Vegie.

        tom tom Reply
        May 16, 2015 at 8:44 am

        “… do us a favor and tie a big stone around your neck and swim from Tapion to Vegie.”
        Son-of-man would rather send a brother to meet an untimely death in the polluted sewer-waters of the Castries harbour than to use rhetoric and logic to persuade the brother.

        That’s stooping very, very low; but then again, it is Son-of-man we are talking about.

  3. Oui oola la he has to pen satirical sometimes to deliver exponential emphasis on the target of discussion. When you are up against ruthless pirates and the folks on whose behalf you are storming the enemy’s ramparts are clueless as to what they are up against , well………………….
    For the sake of abiding by literary conventions which this noble publishing house adheres to, we bloggers cannot run amok with our angst. There are rules of engagement.
    Here’s the rub:
    Chas should have made this current buyout of Micoud South instead of Soufriere. It would have been just as apparent (power grab hustler) yesteryear as it is today BUT time would have been on his side for a cloaked ascension,.
    Whatever, the reasons he balked he missed out on HISTORY.
    NOW even the lowliest (SES status) laborer on the street can make reasonable sense of his AVARICE and power grab with his daddy WARBUCKS.
    Not even Jamettes United will have pity on him because he has encroached and poached on their guarded fine arts and strategies.
    When a “male ” sinks to PROSTITUTION all women flee from associating with him because he makes RU PAUL seem as benign as a boy scout
    The only way he can be defeated at Micoud south is if a Compton daughter or wife decides to defend the respectable legacy of their father/ husband in that parish.
    Otherwise his buyout will be a Hindu pyre for the dead as he becomes the butt of a new generation of Tim TIm bwa chaise on island.
    Money cant buy love!

    1. That’s not love !! It’s called bom. Love has certain other elements attached to it; unlike bom which is only superficial & follows the money.

  4. I would like someone to tell me what is it that the people of Micoud South know that the people of Soufriere don’t know. I asked this question because the constituents of Soufriere rejected him when he went up for that seat some time ago. It is obvious they thought he was not suitable. Fast forward to today and the people of Micoud South are literally begging him to represent them. I think the best test for Chass is to face the people of Soufriere once again and see what happens this time. In this way he would showing what he is made of instead of taking cover under a perceived loyalty of the people of Micoud South to the party.

    1. My question to the yellow coward Allen Chastanet is: “Why did you not fill the vacant seat created when you Allen orchestrated the ouster of Richard Frederick against the desires of the electorate, and oppose Richard in election, to show that the people of Castries seconded your treachery?” Of course this Fraudster Yellow belly coward wants the “SAFE” SEAT in Micoud. In morals, what begins in FEAR usually ends in WICKEDNESS – just what the thinking people see in Micoud with Allen Chastanet’s Bolom, Arse.

  5. its so ashame and I have to wonder in this age of information and enlightenment that after all these years under uwp rule what has they done to these uwp stronghold in order to reward them. and now after chastenet was rejected in Soufriere,What does this tell us about him, his Motive, His agenda as he desperately looking for power. We need to Delve into his past, His tenure at air Jamaica, As former minister of tourism, All the bad deals he went into at the expense of taxpayers, His phone bills as minister of tourism, His candidacy for the Soufriere seat, The moneys spent at the Soufriere foundation By litten Lamontagne former chairman at the foundation plus at the Soufriere town council with Pinnock Am hoping that the journalist, the media, and other communication avenues will inform and Educaate the populace so they the people especially in micoud south will make wise decision on their future and their childrens future

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