New Year Resolutions

NEW YEARS’ celebrations in the Island Neighbours are often filled with family gatherings, animal slaughtering and West Indian galas.

In Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe and St. Lucia, the slaughtering of animals often precedes Christmas Day. Throughout the year, cows, goats and pigs are fattened before their ceremonious deaths and houses undergo a thorough cleansing in preparation for the New Year. Christmas lights often greet every street corner, Christmas trees make their annual debut and sinners are afforded opportunities to confess their sins while “showing off” their Christmas bling at the annual church service dedicated to indifferent church goers – Midnight Mass.

Of all the activities, the ushering of the New Year with a parade of fireworks remains one of the most anticipated activities of the season. Everywhere, fireworks explode to welcome a new year with new discoveries, new love, new hope and new aspirations. As you dazzle in the New Year moment this year, take some time to formulate some plans of your own. Here are some tips to ensure that your New Year resolutions are formulated to chart a new course forward:

1. Be specific in setting your goals. Make sure that your goals are measurable.
2. Set a reasonable time line to achieve your goals. Remember to make allowances for interruptions and unforeseen events.
3. Create a display wall for your goals. Ensure that they are displayed in a strategic location.
Setting New Year resolutions is the perfect way to commence the New Year. So … go ahead. Start your planning! A New Year awaits!

Behind every beauty queen is a woman who bore her; an entity of sophistication, glamour, talent and aged elegance. The nature isle intends to prove such on February 7 2015 at they host the Dominica Carnival Mothers Queen Show. It’s pageantry with a difference as the mothers of those who won our hearts grace the stage. If you’re in the nature isle during that time, take some time out to enjoy the beauty in motherhood.

Neighbourly GetAways
Let’s start the New Year with a trip across the Island Neighbours. Grab your luggage and let’s head over to Les Saintes – eight small islands off the coast of Martinique. Visit one of the two inhabited places – Terre-de-Haut. Enjoy beautiful beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and excellent cuisine. If you’re planning to get married in the New Year, this is the perfect honeymoon spot; fun, sun and romance.

Historical note! In Guadeloupe/France kissing under the mistletoe is a New Year’s custom rather than one of Christmas. During the French Revolution of 1789, planters and slaves migrated to Trinidad to grow sugar and cocoa. Did you know that Universal Adult Suffrage was established in Dominica in 1951? Getto know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor
Votre résolutions du jour de l’an
Flee from false friends and maintain sincere friendships
Je fuis les faux-ami (e) s et j’entretiens les amitiés sincères que j’ai.

Love and forgive my enemies
Aimer et pardonner à mes ennemis

I am saving X this year
Je fais des économies de X cette année

Stop Smoking
Arrêter de fumer

Call my parents once a week
Appeler mes parents une fois par semaine.

Read at least one book per month
Lire au moins un livre par mois

Spend less on clothing
Dépenser moins en vêtements

Send a greeting card for the new year
Envoyer une carte de voeux pour le nouvel an

Stop making resolutions at the beginning of the year that you cannot keep
Arrêter de faire des résolutions en début d’année que vous ne pouvez pas garder

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