Arts Cafe Coming To The City – ‘Live’ Shows, Displays Workshops Planned

Marketing Opportunity For Advertisers
Marketing Opportunity For Advertisers

THE Arts Cafe is the only social multi-art form organization dedicated to artistic display of performances on a global scale. It provides young people with opportunities to try different art forms, supports emerging artists to develop their craft and advocates for youth arts practice under the 2015 Youth Creativity Project, Live at the Arts Cafe Show and Exhibition programme.

With more renowned artists and emerging artists gracing the scene, the Arts Café presents the hub of entertainment and platform for debut, Live At The Arts Café programming — from culinary arts cuisine to musical stints — delivers the best in food, beverages, music, theatre, literary and pop culture to the most engaged, upscale and educated audience in print, cable, live on location and online.

This will be the fastest growing entertainment show, Live At The Arts Café translates buzz into reality with critically-acclaimed breakout creative youth events and renowned artist performances, with the likes of Taj Weekes, Boo Hinkson, Barbara Cadet and friends on stage.

Home For Artists To Inspire Each Other
Home For Artists To Inspire Each Other

Live At The Arts Café reaches its unique audience through every consumer touch point and across all platforms providing the Arts Cafe’s highly-engaged fans options to experience the Arts Cafe in a four-dimensional manner. That is on site on the digital screen on the building, on TV on The Visitors Channel, DBS and MBC, online on www.LiveAtTheArtsCafe.com, live stream on Iles TV in Paris, FB, YouTube Channel and in print on the Arts Café Magazine.

Each year The Arts Cafe provides workshop projects and creative events to occupy the time and explore the creativity of young artists, aged 12 to 20, to develop creative skills with tangible outcomes and pursue career development.

The 2015 youth creative project comprises an after -school creative programme, one event each school summer, positive music programme, addressing social ills arts programme, dance/music/recycle art competition and lectures.

The Youth Creativity programme provides an opportunity for:
• Professional development in artistic career building
• Exploration of new art forms and exposure to renowned artisans
• Access to cultural heritage
• Creation of original new work
• Participation in workshops, master classes and summer schools
• Professional entry points for young artists to compete in events
• Young artists who are making brave, exciting new art
• Empowering young artists with the means to secure mentorships
• Established artists to train under renowned artists, sharing influences, inspirations, methods and core practice
• The active participation and exhibition of young artists and participation in community-focused events
• Promoting excellence in youth arts activity and delivery
• Making the arts more accessible to young persons
• Create artistic skills development programmes and mentor schemes to offer unique opportunities to our St. Lucian youth.

Masterpiece mural by John Steele
Masterpiece mural by John Steele

The platform for youth events taking place on Coral Street, outside the Arts Cafe is print, live stream online, digital screen and TV. Events will be a production of the outcome of all the knowledge and skills acquired during the workshops, lectures and after-school programmes prior to that summer season.

This is a home for artists and a hub for visitors and art lovers to come relax and enjoy creative arts programmes including live performances. The founder strongly believes in uplifting the lives of others, loves art and desires to nurture the creativity of new and upcoming artisans especially the youth. The Arts Cafe provides a loving, inspiring environment free of hate, drugs and violence.

The mission is to promote the artisans and to broaden brand awareness of all promotional sponsors locally and globally. The production is designed to attract and appeal to tourists, local arts lovers with active social lifestyles, the young generation as well as middle aged professionals, the working class and students of secondary schools and tertiary institutions. It appeals to the general population locally and globally as art touches all aspects of life

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