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By Anthony de beauville

The Opening Ceremony of the 29th Summer Olympics Games took place in Beijing, China in the Chinese capital in front of a global audience of billions. St. Lucian sporting enthusiasts were sorely disappointed as they were unable to view the opening ceremony live from the beginning despite being assured by the local cable provider that they would be able to witness this historic event live together with the rest of the world from 7:00 am.
The ceremony which got underway on Friday saw the 2007 Sportswoman of the year Levern Spencer carrying the St.Lucia flag on the main stage at number 67 for the four man team, which also includes Chief De Mission Alfred Emmanuel, Coaches Henry Bailey (Athletics) and Karen Beaubrun (Swimming).
Also making the trip to Beijing are SLOC President Richard Peterkin, Minister for Youth and Sports Lenard Montoute accompanied by his wife Barbara Montoute a former 200 and 400 meter runner in her earlier days and experienced photographer Francis Tobias.
While in Beijing more than 10,000 athletes representing 204 countries are scheduled to compete in 302 events across 28 separate sports.
St.Lucia will be represented in four events as the country’s best hopes for a final spot, namely high jumper Levern Spencer and pole vaulter Dominic Johnson. Johnson just days before the final qualification cut off, point pole vaulted 5.55 metres to secure his third Olympic appearance at the Games.

Meanwhile, tomorrow Sunday 10th August 2008 (National Aquatics Center) Danielle Beaubrun competes in heats 100M Breaststroke, 7:43 am - 8:03 am Women’s Heats 100M Breaststroke, 10:33 - 10:41 pm Women’s 100m Breaststroke Semifinal.
Monday 18th August 2008 (National Stadium) Erma Gene Evans competes in the Women’s Javelin Throw scheduled for 9:00 pm -10:00 pm - Women’s Javelin Throw Qualifying Round - Group A, 10:30 pm -11:30 pm Women’s Javelin Throw Qualifying Round - Group B.
Wednesday 20th August 2008 (National Stadium) Dominique Johnson competes in Men’s Pole Vault. 8:40 -11:10 am Men’s Pole Vault Qualifying Round - Group A/B
Levern Spencer competes in Women’s High Jump 9:50-11:50 pm Women’s High Jump Qualifying Round - Group A/B.
Thursday 21st August 2008 (National Stadium) 7:20 to 8:40 am Women’s Javelin Throw Final. Friday 22nd August 2008 (National Stadium) 7:55-10:15 am Men’s Pole Vault Final, Saturday 23rd August 2008 (National Stadium) 7:10 AM -9AM Women’s High Jump Final.
To bring the curtains down on the 29th Olympiad Sunday 24th August 2008 (National Stadium) billions are expected to remain glued to their television sets around the globe from 7:00 am for the kaleidoscope closing ceremony.