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Retrial goes ahead

The prosecution got a second shot at a conviction this week when the retrial of a young man accused of causing death by dangerous driving began before Justice Kenneth Benjamin.
Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Robert Innocent appeared for the State. Head of the St Lucian Bar Association Andie George represented the accused.
At Tuesdays sitting a traffic officer who attended the accident on the night of October 1st 2004 testified as to what he saw when he reached the scene at the Escape junction on the Vieux Fort highway.
“Somebody was trapped at the wheel,” said the officer. “ The emergency services had to cut him out. The body was lifeless.”
The officer turned to his pocket book and thumbed through the pages to the statement the accused had made to the officer shortly after the accident.
The officer read the notes: “I came from Castries heading towards Vieux Fort. When I got to the Escap road I saw a pickup coming towards me from the other direction. I told the guy who was with me- to watch it. I moved further to my left but the two vehicles hit.

My truck capsized on its left side. The truck was carrying a fork lift. At the time I was travelling between 40 and 45 mph.”
The officer told the court that the speed limit on that stretch of road was 40mph.
During the hearing the officer referred to the accused official police statement who was at the time twenty three years old and a supervisor for a hardware company.
Reading the statement the officer continued: “It was 9.15pm. A fork lift was tied in the back of the truck. I was with a co worker. I was going down a hill between 40 and 45 mph I saw a pickup van. Actually I saw a light. I moved the truck left because of the speed of the oncoming vehicle. We capsized. We came out of the wind screen. When I saw the light I said look that man coming on us. I applied brakes, the road was dry.”
The trial continues.
It is believed that three young men were in the pickup that night heading towards Castries. The driver Stephen Daniel died on the spot from injuries sustained during the crash.